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Victoria Wilson, a Sydney based abstract artist. Large scale works, bold colours, vibrant strokes, emotionally charged.

Victoria grew up in Sydney's eastern suburbs and studied Design and Visual Communication at the University of Technology Sydney before being selected to go on exchange to one of the greatest design schools in the world, Central Saint Martins in London.

From there Victoria spent a year traveling the world, and then lived in London and New York for 7 years. While forging a career as a creative director in experiential design for some of the world's leading companies, such as Google and Oprah, Victoria refined her fine art practice by studying under Frank O’Cain at the Art Students League of New York.

Victoria Wilson
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Career Highlights

- Sell out at The Other Art Fair 2021

- Selected works available in Palmer and Penn, a beautiful interior design store here in Double Bay, Sydney, since 2022

- The first of several sales to US collectors

What medium do you work with, and why have you chosen them?

I focus on medium and large scale canvas as I can be quite expressive and need the space! I work with acrylic, ink, oil pastels and collage, often working on several pieces spread out across the floor at the same time.

How does your artwork get from initial concept to exhibition stage?

My inspiration is from the big life events... The frenetic whirlwind of living in New York City. The upheaval of losing a family home in a disaster. The joy of becoming a mother - and the release from the relentlessness that comes from having three children under five. One of the most current and enduring sources of inspiration is my father, who suffered a serious pedestrian traffic accident in Rose Bay. To deal with all the feelings that being human entails, I turn to the canvas. During this process I can capture my true state of being. I want someone who is looking at my art to feel the emotion translated through the strokes of my brush, to bring life to the room that becomes its home. Emotions are fleeting but in my art they become a time capsule. I know the work is complete when I can stand back and separate myself - When I am still in the painting stage, I feel I am ""in"" the work. Many layers, and weeks of contemplation later, I just intuitively know when a work is done.

Can you tell us a little more about your creative working environment/studio?

I work out of my studio / garage which is in a leafy lane in Double Bay, Sydney. The studio is flooded with natural light and is attached to my house. When I step out there, it becomes a full body practice, with music, children and even Walter the dog all flowing in and out of the studio.