Artist profile


  • Acrylic Painting
  • Charcoal
  • Drawing
  • Illustration
  • Mixed Media
  • Modern
  • Oil Painting
  • Painting
  • Portraiture
  • Still Life
  • Watercolour
  • Whimsical

Hiranya is a classical figurative artist based in Brisbane. She exclusively produces works derived from memories and experiences through various reflections of today’s social, cultural and economic ambience.

The stories the artist wishes to discuss, sustain their own historical and artistic values. Growing up in an environment that was diversely influenced by ethnic values, made her realise that womanhood plays a significant role in actualising any story. With this mindfulness, her narrative figure becomes an independent female identity that establishes a healing space for her existence. This subject is maybe a hybridised form of a being who represents power, beauty, fragility, sexuality and vulnerability. In a world with manufactured happiness where everything is valued by materialistic worth, the artist explores real human connections, emotions and devotions which are withering away. Focusing on this thought, she believes her female protagonist has become a creator of a profound human connection and a communicator of emotions.

Her imagery shows a strong influence from the ancient Indo-Aryan painting techniques which she studied in detail and the classical figure studies found in cave temples, frescoes and monastery walls where she grew up. Bold colours and symbolism are a focus point. It may be a direct reflection of her training in a local art school and the ethnic environment she was exposed to.

Career Highlights

1. 1985 - 1990 Completion of extended Fine art Studies Diploma program including painting, life drawings, still life, en plein aire, Sculpture, Installation and Museum studies

2. (2022) John Villiers Outback Art Prize: Finalist, Waltzing Matilda Centre/Museum

3. (2022) “Forever Summer” - Solo Exhibition, Redland Shire, QLD, Australia (2022) “The Canticle of the Rainbow” - Book launch, Redland Shire, QLD, Australia (2021) “Sense of Place” - Group Exhibition, Waltzing Matilda Centre-Museum, Winton, QLD

Artist Interview
What medium do you work with, and why have you chosen them?

At this phase I am heavy on Acrylics and mix media on canvas. Focus is to find my unique place in the art world with affordable and approachable work for art admirers whilst delivering the best works I can produce in the moment and to establish myself with my subject matter to create a safe place where I can make my work freely and efficiently. I am a big lover of working on paper. So freehand drawings with graphite and usage of watercolour and Gouache is a very very satisfying process for me. I am also studying oil painting techniques, but it is on experimental stage at the moment because my subject matter is evolving to a different level to work with this medium.

How does your artwork get from initial concept to exhibition stage?

I do not wait for inspiration to struck me. Nor I go out looking for inspiration for my next work. I believe I was born inspired and there are so many ideas flowing through every single day. Of course the natural environment plays a big part on colour and material play but my stories are all in my head. So I maintain a drawing board with all my ideas, clubbing them together creating different story boards. I would probably to a thumbnail in my sketch books, but then directly going into the canvas, drawing free-hand and then move on to painting. Often the original thumbnail idea and the colour palette are vastly different to the final work. It is important that I let my intuition to take over and to follow the path where the painting wants to go. I am almost always satisfied with the final outcome and I treat every single artwork as my "best artwork of all".

Can you tell us a little more about your creative working environment/studio?

I am currently operating in a very limited space. Which obviously limits me to try on large scale works and new media. But I am blessed to have my own little creative corner without external disturbances. The best tools are the ones I have right now. And I make everything I have into good use and create the best work I can produce in this moment.