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Nicole is an abstract artist who paints intuitively, drawing from her formal university studies in design where she gained a sound understanding of colour, balance and form.

Nicole's aesthetic is underpinned by the richness of authentic layers, combined with the playfulness of line. Her artworks are influenced by nature and emotion and are a balance of contrasting elements.

Nicole Eliza
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Career Highlights

- In 2018, I collaborated with Melbourne fashion label Nikel + Sole for a selection of pieces in their SS19 collection.

- 2023 SALA Festival - Solo Exhibition "Reconnection"

What medium do you work with, and why have you chosen them?

I predominantly paint on 100% cotton canvas, sourced from Italy. It has a great texture and is beautiful to work with. I use professional grade, high quality pigment acrylic paints and a combination of acrylic mediums. I use acrylic paints because I like the fact that they dry fast and I can layer my work using a variety of premium mediums.

How does your artwork get from initial concept to exhibition stage?

I don’t have a formula or a finished outcome in mind when I start a new painting. I start with loose lines, shapes and colours and the rest is completely intuitive. By the time I finish an artwork, it has had many ideas and iterations worked through on the under layers that may never be seen, or only seen through veils of transparent top layers, or texture. Each artwork constantly evolves as one part informs the next. The interesting parts of the underlayers make their way through into the final artwork that you see, and other parts are edited out to make way for better parts.

Can you tell us a little more about your creative working environment/studio?

My studio is full of beautiful images, inspirational quotes, colour boards, mood boards and colour studies. I like to keep my studio clean but it gets messy very quickly. I need to do regular tidy ups to declutter my mind, so I can come back with a fresh approach to the work. I often work late into the evening. I find that I am more creative in the afternoons / evenings. I often work on unstretched canvas on the floor. This is because I have a favourite high quality canvas that I like to work with (100% cotton). I also have large, interconnecting gym mats on the studio floor which make it easier to move around on the floor when I am painting and prepping canvases. It is less harsh on the body when you're working in awkward positions.